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Concrete industry

During the production and the processing of concrete, waste water is generated that mainly contains suspended and sedimental solids. These solids can be removed in a very fast and efficient way by the Redox sedimentation systems. The waste water can also contain fine particles that can be removed by the Mini-Batch system. For more information about these systems, select one in the left menu bar.

In cooperation with Redox Waste Recycling, offers Redox Water Technology also the concrete reclaimer. This is a system that makes easy reuse of residual concrete possible.

Products with branche Concrete industry
Sedimentation systems, type DCS, RCS
The Redox cross flow separator systems permits very effective separation of settling materials like sand, fibres, etc.
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Trennbag systems
The Redox "Trennbag" systems for waste water treatment enables you to free the cooling water, which is used for sawing and polishing, from sediment without any problem.
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Mini Batch systems
The "Mini Batch" chemical/physical treatment process has been designed in particular for the separation of very fine and light suspended particles from industrial process water.
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