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Municipal waste water

Waste water originating from small communities, hotels, hospitals, schools, military camps, recreation areas, holiday resorts and small industries must be treated biologically before it can be discharged into the environment. The Redox BIOCON waste water treatment systems are completely prefabricated and therefore easy to install, even in remote areas. In the left menu bar you can find more information. 

Products with branche Municipal waste water
Rake screens
Rake screens are applied for separating solids from process and waste water
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Curved screens
Curved screens are applied for separating solids from process and waste water. The Redox curved screens are robustly built and require a minimum of maintenance and attention.
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Pipe flocculators, type RPF
The RPF flocculator is characterised by the plug flow principle. The retention time is almost uniform and the mixing energy in the cross-section of the pipe is constant.
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Flotation units, type KCL
The KCL flotation units are designed to treat large wastewater flows for the removal of suspended solids, oil, fat, grease and other dispersed and/or flocculated materials with micro flotation.
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Flotation units, type WWL
The WWL flotation units are robustly built and characterised by large "free surface" areas.
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Biological waste water treatment systems, type FBR
The waste water (after primary treatment) is pumped into the aeration basin, which is filled with an activated sludge/water mixture.
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Biological treatment systems, type BIOCON
The BIOCON' are designed to treat wastewater capacities in standard systems from 50 to 500 population equivalent.
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