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Other industries

This market group focuses on waste water treatment systems for other industries than previously mentioned, like for example the glass industry, paint industry, latex industry, pig farming industry and more. And also waste water treatment systems for ballast water, tank cleaning etc.

For specified information about waste water solutions for this industry, please contact Redox Water Technology B.V.

Products with branche Other industries
Flotation units, type WWL
The WWL flotation units are robustly built and characterised by large "free surface" areas.
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Oil⁄water separators
Separation of oil and suspended solids from refinery and allied water effluents by means of "plate pack" modules, working by gravity separation between spaced corrugated plates, is proven technology.
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Biological waste water treatment systems, type FBR
The waste water (after primary treatment) is pumped into the aeration basin, which is filled with an activated sludge/water mixture.
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Biological treatment systems, type BIOCON
The BIOCON' are designed to treat wastewater capacities in standard systems from 50 to 500 population equivalent.
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