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06-08-2012Durability, but just a bit different than usual

At a pig abattoir in Germany, a 20 year old wastewater treatment plant was used, lacking sufficient performance. The system (supplied by another company) consisted of an internally fed drum screen and flotation unit. Chemicals were also dosed in an attempt to improve performance. The operational costs of the old system were very high (both in chemicals and costs for residual pollution discharged to the local sewer) and the client was very interested to implement any improvements and entrusted Redox with this task. After some tests were executed the improvements proposed by Redox were:

  • integration of a new screen with external feeding allowing the use of automatic drum speed control to improve cake filtration.
  • integration of a buffertank to mix / equalize the water and pollution creating a much more stable flow to the flotation system.
  • improvement of chemical dosing and mixing control to reduce chemical consumption and at the same time improve pollution removal efficiency (more with less).
  • recycling of the old flotation unit (made in stainless steel) but upgraded with a new clog-free aeration system and sludge discharge pump. All improvements were made on the spot without moving the unit or even stopping the plant, preventing costs for transport and loss of production.

Recycling and upgrading the existing flotation unit proved to be very feasible for this client. Even though the design of the unit was not optimum compared to contemporary Redox flotation units, the material of the flotation unit was in a good condition and it was considered by both client and Redox it would be a waste if it was not re-used. The new aeration system implemented by Redox is state-of-the-art, clog-free and executed in such a way that it fits perfectly on the unit. In this way Redox succeeded to create a very well working total system despite the less than optimum design of the original flotation unit. Due to its increased performance the sludge amount also increased. This sludge will be treated by a local biogas facility to produce green energy.

After start-up of the system the client commented that the performance of the system was almost too good.... Redox therefore advised to reduce the chemical consumption to a minimum in order to keep a perfect balance between chemical costs and costs for discharging residual pollution into the local sewer.

The investment is estimated to pay back in less than 18 months time!

Summarizing, the project shows that durability is sometimes just a bit different than usual!

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06-08-2012 Durability, but just a bit different than usual
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