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Convenience food industry

The type of product, battering and breading, frying, cooking, cleaning operation are largely responsible for the pollution load in the convenience food industry.

Products with branche Convenience food industry
Rotary drum screens
The Redox rotary drum screens are applied for separating solids from process and waste water.
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Dewatering presses
Redox developed a special dewatering press to dewater coarse and fiber-like materials.
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Pipe flocculators, type RPF
The RPF flocculator is characterised by the plug flow principle. The retention time is almost uniform and the mixing energy in the cross-section of the pipe is constant.
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Flotation units, type WWL
The WWL flotation units are robustly built and characterised by large "free surface" areas.
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Sedimentation systems, type DCS, RCS
The Redox cross flow separator systems permits very effective separation of settling materials like sand, fibres, etc.
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Biological waste water treatment systems, type FBR
The waste water (after primary treatment) is pumped into the aeration basin, which is filled with an activated sludge/water mixture.
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