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Trennbag systems

Trennbag systemThe Redox "Trennbag" systems for waste water treatment enables you to free the cooling water, which is used for sawing and polishing, from sediment without any problem. The construction is completely made of stainless steel (AISI 304), your guarantee for a very long life.

The dirty water is pumped from the settling pit into the receiving tank by means of an automatic sludger, where it is collected in filter bags. Through the pores of these filter bags, the water is pressed out and the sediment remains in the bag.

Full filter bags can be replaced by empty ones. After a few weeks time, the substance in the bags will be completely hard and dried out. Discharge of the sludge has become a lot easier and cheaper and your settling pit will remain "clean" longer.

Trennbag systems are used in the following branches:
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